Summer trip 2015 is in the books!


Another little bit of Leica gear is in my bag today. I decided to get the M Macro Adapter…

It’s one more thing that keeps me from having to carry around the Canon for on a day-to-day basis.

Basically this is an adjustable extension tube that give another 18.00mm – 30.00mm of flange distance for the lens. What this, or any extension tube for that matter, allows the lens to get further from the film plane.

Take a 50mm lens for instance. When it’s focused at infinity the lens’ nodal point would be 50mm away from the rear image plane. To get a 1:1 reproduction of subject the lens would have to be a focal length away from the sensor. (I’m cavalierly ignoring internally focused lenses here as well as lenses who’s inner elements move about in other strange and fascinating ways — that’s for another post)

Basically, what this gets you is the longer the focal length the less of an effect this has. Of course the more of an effect it has the further away from the “normal” distance that they’re optimized for. I’ll draw a diagram for this later.

Here’s the close focus from a 90mm lens with a 30mm extension…

Now the same with a 35mm with the same.

You can tell that he 90 is just close, but the lens is holding up still. The 35 on the other hand has all sorts of coma caused by spherical aberration off to the left side of the frame.

That said, it still looks nice and very dreamy.

(This from the Valentine’s gift we got from my mom. Thanks mom!)

Eye see you!

Seattle Stores

I walk by a mural for Filson every week or so.

Filson is a local Seattle company. It’s been around for around 120 years. And, like I said, local.

It’s fun looking at a company when it’s right here at home.

Well, I think having a nice bag or hat from them would be a nice thing to have. Right now I have an Ona bag for my Leica gear… but I have to say that other bags are similarly nice.

Looking at how old some of these companies are it’s really rather jarring. Some of them are well over a hundred years old. And they have some hard converts. Like on the Leica forum: BillimghamBagLady.


It started with an unofficial commercial.

It went to an official commercial.

This seems to me to be the same as the “Yes We Can” speech.

Of course, unlike last time, this is after a win in New Hampshire!

“Infinite” Loops

The topic of a discussion at work turned to long running processes. Lets say you want to anonymize IP addresses (ignore IPv6 since we’re not in that world yet) and decide to hash them as a way to protect the anonymity of users. That’s pretty secure, right?

Well, an IPv4 address is only four bytes long, 32 bits. The total combinations are a mind numbing 2^32, right?

That’s four billion (and change) for those playing along at home.

Except four billion hasn’t been a big number for a long time.

Back in the days of the 80286 and 80386 my friend and I used to talk about how long an “infinite loop” would take. Infinite, in this case, is a loop who’s end condition is off by one.

Something like this:

for (int i = 0; i != 0; i++) {}

Assuming 32-bit ints, this would be the perfect infinite loop, looping around for all four billion integers.

Back in those day it would take many minutes to run. A 25 MHz ‘386. Executing an instruction every few cycles would take around 10 minutes to count all the way through.

It’s the same number of IP addresses.

All you need to do is add in a hash. Creating a dictionary of all of the IP addresses and their corresponding hash value is pretty darn trivial now. My co-worker didn’t believe me.

So I challenged him to write an infinite loop. He chose Java, but kept the same constraint of 32 bits instead of the native 64-bit ints.

It ran in 1.4 seconds. In JITed Java.

He admitted it was bloody fast.  :-)

22 Points!!

As I write this Bernie Sanders is up 22 points in New Hampshire and I’m having a blast just being excited for his victory!


Maybe the narrative will start to shift away from the abomination that is the Hillary campaign and move to someone who hasn’t been bought and paid for.

Photos – Week 6 – Candy

This is a banker shot… I’m not sold on it. But I wanted to get one in the books before the week is out. This is over at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory down in Pike Market.

This is with the 50 Summilux at f/2.0 if I recall. I’m loving the plane of focus that seems to meander back and forth among the chocolate flowers. The lens has really good field flatness, but the way things are arranged it makes it look funky — in a good way I think.

I have another idea I want to try out too… I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to get to it by the deadline on Friday.

TiVo Trauma

For a while now while watching TV, mostly live TV, the TiVo has occasionally restarted. This is super annoying, doubly so when it’s the Super Bowl.

Granted, this was a boring game… but still…

The hard drive swap process is pretty painless all things considered. I had already made a backup when I did the swap the last time so I was able to just restore that onto another drive. Since I moved to cloud backups of my data I have a pile of drives that are essentially unused. So I grabbed a 1.5GB drive and it was off to the races. The only strange thing was needing to fire up a Windows XP VM that could run the old program.

Off to the races! Six screws on the back and the top comes off. Four for the drive platform and that comes off. Four more for the drive and it’s free. Installation is reverse of disassembly.

But look…

See anything amiss?

Those caps have seen better days it looks like! The CapXon caps have given up the ghost. I’m surprised that it worked at all! Thankfully I have a box of caps I bought last year off eBay. $45 well spent with just this one use! I plucked out two 1000µF 10V caps and it was a simple task of desoldering and soldering on the new ones.

Now it was plug everything in and screw it back together and it was all good.

In case you were wondering, the old caps which were rated at 1000µF were now down to 6µF with an ESR of 22.3Ω which really proves that these caps were well and truly broken. If I were really that curious I would reinstall the old caps just for fun and probe the output with my scope. I really wonder what the loaded voltage rails’ ripple would look like. My guess is it would be a horror show.

Behind the lens

I take pictures. I’m on the film/sensor side of the lens for the most part. It’s a role I’m comfortable with.

It’s like it’s my natural habitat.

I become invisible behind the camera…

I feel like I have control. Control over the camera. The settings. The moment.

It’s a place where it’s safe for me.

Sometimes it’s a bit lonesome.

Me and the camera.

Synchronicity – Lights

There was some issues with the power tonight in Seattle north end. It dropped out at around 5:00. So I walked down the street and confirmed that it’s a more wide-ranging outage. Sure the top end of our street had power but on the main street, Aurora Avenue N was dark for a few blocks up and down.

I figured that since it’s a bigger outage on a main road it’ll have a quicker response, but I still didn’t know how long it’ll take.

Light. I need light. More than a headlamp or a flashlight. I wanted to get more light.

So I got out the Coleman lantern from the shed in the back. But it needed a bit of work — new mantles and fuel.

Pull the camping box, install the mantles. Burn of the mantles to get them ready. Fuel up the lantern. Light it up.

As the generator started to warm up and I was getting good light.

The power came back.

I guess that’s one way of fixing the power.

Courage; Bawdy

Ennie, Lita and I went to another installment of Bawdy Storytelling tonight. The gist of it is that real people, you know the normal everyday people like you and me, get up on stage and tell a 10-minute story about some sexual escapade they’ve been on.

And it’s true.

It takes a lot of courage to go up in front of a room full of paying people, get up on stage, and open up a bit of your private life like that.

I write a lot on here and much of what I write is typically considered pretty private. But at the same time I generally don’t write about things that put my friends and loved ones in compromising positions.

I guess one of the advantages of doing something in real life like that is the ephemeral nature of the event. While things can be recorded and maybe even video posted, it’s a lot harder to correlate everything together into one searchable corpus. Sure, it might be possible… but not worth it unless you’re running for president or something. (i.e. everyone has dirt, it’s just how far down it’s buried)

One day… hopefully soon…

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