Summer trip 2015 is in the books!

The difference between Cleveland and Seattle

So, in Cleveland we were selling out house. In Cleveland (or I suppose Solon more specifically) we put our house on the market and had to settle for a bunch less than we were asking.

Unfortunately, this is normal.

Normal in the Cleveland market.

In Seattle we put a bid on a house. We didn’t go under the asking price. We started at the asking price and allowed things to go over.

We were outbid. Not only were we outbid, the winner got it and waived the the inspection.

No Inspection.


Well. Onward ho…

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  • I’ve got to agree with you. Inspection is how we found our little radon issue.

  • We had a similar experience when we bought back in 2004 (out in the suburbs no less). We had our escalation clause go up to 10k over asking and still got outbid. We got our second house.

  • It’s pretty scary leaving Cleveland, and then having to cope with how the REAL WORLD runs!


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